On My Way Back Home


Today will be the first time to enter Syria in months. I was smuggled out for my name was wanted in several security forces branches. Leaving Syria at times of revolution made me feel I am a traitor for leaving my


friends and people. I am coming back, I want this regime to end, and I should show the new power emerging in Syria that there is someone like me fighting-in my own way-beside them. I am scared, but it is ok, if you want to be trully a revolutionary, you have to go back home.

5 thoughts on “On My Way Back Home

  1. Dear bloger, we are waiting for the continuation of your blog. Your blog can have some good repercussions in the medias here, but only if you write something each day about your trip. I began to translate your text in french, and I can propose it to the news paper “Le Monde”, on the blog “Un oeil sur la Syrie”. It will be possible to make it after, but not with the same impact. It’s to you to see, if you have time.
    Courage and good luck, and take care

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