End of Journey

Leaving Syria tomorrow morning, spent four days in Saraqeb but due to power cut I could not charge my laptop and phone or connect to a descent internet connection. This is sad, that I have so much to tell you but can’t because of electricity. No power in Saraqeb in more than 2 weeks. I am now on the borders, power will cut in few minutes, I guess this blog is a good idea but isn’t realistic really. How is possible to blog with no electricity? how is it possible to blog if there is no internet in the first place? People here use satellite internet and it needs power to be used, also you need gas if you want to use a generator, and money here is becoming a big issue. So really, at the end of this journey I discovered that I really cannot even blog from liberated Northern Syria.

Fuck you, Assad, big time.


First Saraqeb Graffiti in 2013, the design is my idea based on a photo taken in Aleppo of FSA fighter carrying guitar. Drawn by Saraqeb graffiti artists. 😉

Thank you all for the support, I’ll be back in the North in a month from now, see you all very soon!

4 thoughts on “End of Journey

  1. It’s been great reading all your blogs,stay safe and look forward to hearing more,ps I love saraqeb,I’ve visited many times.

    • Dear bloger, thank you for your reports, and bravo for your courage. We know that it is difficult to communicate from north of Syria, but you have now yet warm memories of this journey, you lived a fabulous adventure, I think that it is now you have to write something about all that, in this moment you have all your memories in your thoughts, yet fresh, you have not to give up! Please write again about your experiences, it’s your duty, it’s for that you went there, you can’t abandon after a so nice beginning.
      You say us : “that I have so much to tell you”, tell it to us please, we are waiting, the world is waiting!… your experience is so much exceptional, be aware of that!!! You are exceptional, you was wanting to share this fantastic experience, you have to make it!!!
      It’s nor easy, I know, but if you don’t make it now, you will never make it, and you will regret it a lot after, and it will be too late…
      I encourage you a lot, and I admire you so much!!! You are beautiful, so much!!!

  2. Maybe you need to adapt like the Syrian people are doing. Why not simply, as in the old time, use pen and paper and then enter your stories on Computer.

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