Fuck Western Media

I am home, I know that.

I am home and these are my people, my beautiful and amazing people. And I cannot express how I feel, I don’t understand how do western journalists write what they write about Northern Syria, I have been to Latakia mountains and now I am in Idleb, Kafranbel, will be staying here for few days then heading to Aleppo.

Every single person I meet, and I have met a lot, and I have met many Free Syrian Army battalions, and oh my God, they’re heroes, some of them are fucked in the head – well some want to act like macho men in front of me coz I am a woman- but they’re good people. They, the armed revolutionaries, want to go back to their lands, cows and olives farms, they’re good people.

I am overwhelmed. I am home and among amazing people who share with you inspiring stories with a big smile on their face. All I can do is look deep in their eyes and wish that someday I have the strength to become as firm as they are.

So my question to the western media who’re depicting this area as bunch of Salafists, Islamists and Qaeda: where the fuck are you getting your shit from? Why are you deliberately missing out on the people of Syria who have since day one lead this revolution and been through the shelling, besiege, detention..you know what, you don’t even know what each of these words mean, do you know what detention means? what shelling means? what the sound of airplane means as it’s flying over your village? Over your children’s heads? No electricity here at all in some areas, I am lucky to go around some activists’ places to check my mail and write this blog post, but families spend the hours on candles and warm their bodies with wood instead of gas – it’s very expensive to buy gas here.

Latakia mountains, December.

Latakia mountains, December.

There isn’t anyone here who hasn’t had at least one near-death experience. That in itself is just unbelievable.

As I said, I am overwhelmed by the people here and their stories. But I cannot forgive the journalists who’re coming here and missing out on life, love, hope and inspiration, and they go on reporting on hate, on black flags just so they can get ahead on their careers. Your career is ruining our revolution, our homes and our very future. Fuck you big time, dear journalist.

This blog will try as much as possible to report on how we, Syrians, see our own revolution.

You just wait and see.

On My Way Back Home


Today will be the first time to enter Syria in months. I was smuggled out for my name was wanted in several security forces branches. Leaving Syria at times of revolution made me feel I am a traitor for leaving my


friends and people. I am coming back, I want this regime to end, and I should show the new power emerging in Syria that there is someone like me fighting-in my own way-beside them. I am scared, but it is ok, if you want to be trully a revolutionary, you have to go back home.